The Cricket Match is the 7th episode in the series.

Plot synopsis

Martin's cricket team has a vital game that could lead to their promotion. Since Paul has played for Cambridge University at Lords everybody is anxious for him to join the side - except jealous Martin. When injury strikes Paul steps into the breach and partners Howard to a magnificent win. Everybody is congratulatory, even a begrudging Martin, though he thinks it unfair when the opposition captain accuses him of cheating by using a professional.


Notes and Trivia

Howard's reference to flanneled fools is from The Islanders, a poem written by Rudyard Kipling in 1902.

During the pre match chat with Martin, Howard recounts the events leading to his engagement to Hilda, who gives more details of the incident to Ann. (Howard and Hilda briefly discuss the incident before the snooker final in Snooker).